Streat™ For a world in motion

For a world in motion
We present to you the evolution of public transport with the expected technology.

Streat™ For a world in motion


Vectalia has designed the first concept bus designed from the customer experience that only a European mobility leader can imagine. STREAT™, designed in close collaboration with the German industrial design agency of the prestigious Andreas, presents a futuristic vehicle that works a versatility focused on the smart cities of the future, of a hyperconnected user and of immersive technology applied to mobility.

Streat™ Design

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The STREAT™, has an infinite curve design, elegant, minimalist and fully functional and accessible. Its design is reminiscent of a capsule and tries to be the solution for transport in overcrowded areas.

STREAT™ clean: It is a vehicle that is not only “Zero Emissions” but will clean the air of harmful particles and suspended pollen found in the air during its journey. The air is absorbed by the frontal intake and will be filtered by a system powered by 100% renewable energy located on the roof.

Streat™ Self- driving


Is it self-driving? Yes, Need a driver? Yes, too.

The idea is that this prototype could circulate in different cities around the world since its modular system allows a driver configuration in countries that do not have the regulation for autonomous driving. STREAT™, TRAM: It has no front or reverse, can be coupled by electromagnetism with several vehicles to increase the transport of more people if a convoy is needed. STREAT™, self-repairing: Its mechanical and internal parts can be printed with 3D printer without the need for spare parts storage and saving maintenance costs. The sides will incorporate translucent screens to transmit messages and information to travelers, also the color-eink signs where the line and destination will be marked. Self-repairing glass by nano-technology.

Streat™ Sustainable


STREAT™, DELIVERY: Boxes “shipped” The parcels and deliveries in the cities will be made with the streat ™ vehicle network, and thus reduce and remove additional vehicles for the distribution of all kinds of light and immediacy and refrigerated parcels.

Inside, the seats have been designed bank-like, to encourage comfortable travel and communication between passengers.

Streat™ Inspiration

The inspiration for the design of the bus comes from a carriage. I wanted to create a feeling of beeing chauffeured in a special way with an unique design. Even if it’s still an everyday public transportation, it should combine multiple purposes, like air cleaning and mobile packing station. Although complex requirements, the exterior design is still “slik” and “understandable”, without clustering all the elements to much. Even the big side windows are tinted in body color for clean look and optimum privacy feeling.

There is a two color scheme, differentiating the big silver grey side panels and the dark middle structure. It provides high contrast and good visibility in traffic without using bright colors.

The hood contains an air bag in case of an unavoidable pedestrian collision and consists of a soft structure in the front for soft collisions.

The LED strips on the rims, but also on top of the fender are shining in orange while driving for warning reasons. While boarding the color changes to green and red, depending on the boarding situation. The color code is visible through mulptiple lights all around the bus for clear communication with the environment.

All wheels are steerable with flexible and durable cloth covering the moving area. In this way a more clean look is achieved by hiding the steering and driving mechanism and provide maneuverablity even in narrow streets.
Andreas Grasmück


Passenger capacity: 16

Engine: Hydrogen-powered electrical and solar energy.

Made of ballistic resistance glass with graphene alloy with graphene chassis and recycled plastic.

Active particle filter.

Surface self-healing nanotechnology.

Engine spare parts and other components made with 3D printer